Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You need to learn to speak Spanish - not

A lovely little girl told me today that I need to learn to speak Spanish (because she is struggling with English).

I looked at her, smiled and said: "Meine Grossmutti and meine Grossvatti kommt aus Deutschland in auchtzen hundert neun und sechzig. Naturlich, sie sprechen Deutsch. Und ich spreche Deutsch. Aber, gluchlich for Sie, I also speak English." [OK, it's fractured German: my grandmother and grandfather came from Germany in 1869. Naturally, they spoke German. And I speak German. But, luckily for you, ich auch Deutsch gesprechen.]


Ms. Cookie said...

Ahhhhh, 7th grade German:
Guten Tag, Wie Gehts?
Gut! Und dir?
Wo ist den das da druben?
Das ist mein freund, Paul Schmidt.
Wo gehen sie?
..... or something like that that we had to memorize and roll play with our teacher each unit.

Hmmmmm, maybe I should make my math kids memorize a dialog about math steps and it will stick in their head 30 years later.

Ms. Cookie

Jingle said...


awards for friendship!
enjoy a nice weekend!