Saturday, September 22, 2007

Door closed, Window opens

I start a new position on Wednesday . I went by the school Friday to get the textbook. Met several of the teachers. Found my room (ok, trailer) - and met the first of my students. Since they have subs now, I think he is thrilled to have some stability - he smiled when he asked "are you our new teacher?"

It is teaching a remedial math class, supplementing thir Algebra class. So, the kids who don't do well in math will have 2 math classes a day.

I start with cookies, I think!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Seasons in the sun

Never did hear from the 2 counties about substituting - even though I am certified in all middle grades subjects..... Never did hear from most of the principals I interviewed with. I have landed a job.

The teacher who left early has been reprimanded and manages to stay til quitting time every day (imagine that).

The principal still reigns havoc on his little fiefdom.

I think I will post my new experiences elsewhere.....