Sunday, December 11, 2016

Another reaffirmation

Pissed Off wrote a powerful blog today which reminds me of several things. (OK, she didn't write it today, she wrote it a week ago. I read it today) I know I am not a rock star teacher but I know I can reach students. I know I am here to teach more than math. And I know administrators can make the life easy or unbearable.

A former student wrote me a note this week. She told me about a horrible experience her younger sister is having and said it moved her to tell me what a difference I made in her life. To me, the amazing thing is I may be able to help with the sister's problem, even though I am not at that school and do not know the teacher, simply by way of having lived in this community for a generation and knowing people.

I had an aha! moment this week and reached a student who has been a pain in the butt. More, I guess, he had an aha! moment. In any case, he learned I am not "an assistant teacher" and you can learn from people you think are beneath you.

PO - we provide affirmation for each other and for others on the WEB as we write of our problems and the joys of teaching. Thank you for giving me hope as I traverse this path - and I hope i offer that to others as well.

Life is too short to be ugly. Pass the love onl