Sunday, July 10, 2016

If you can't spell, how can you teach English?

I walked into a room at one point and found the following on the board:

Young immigrants in Texas Classroom
1) 150 young immigrants and refugees
2) Left their Country's (sic) because of the violence or war in Las Americas new comer's middle school
3) located in Houston's low income gulf town neighborhood
4) Principle (sic) Maria Moreno hired five new teachers and a social worker
5) has the history of helping people

{I added the (sic)}

BTW it was not a lesson of finding the errors.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Re-evaluating lifelong opinions

There was one high school teacher I never liked.

She was a friend of my parents, but I always felt that she hated me. So I hated her.

I survived her class and vowed I would never speak to her again.

Then (remember she was a friend of the parents) she was invited to my wedding - and then various family functions over the years. I avoided alumni functions from high school, but my parents would invite her.

This past week I was home for another family function. And I took time to actually talk to this teacher as an adult to an adult. And I found that a lot of the opinions I have about teaching are opinions we share. And the hate is gone.