Saturday, February 28, 2015

Six Word Saturday

No downside to closing Homeland Security.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

George Takei

When I saw this comic this morning, I started thinking about how George Takei would take it. I think he will laugh - and say "Oh, my!"

I cannot see him getting angry or telling the artist "remove my name!" - I think he will just laugh.

And, should his name become a verb (meaning - what - it's not sarcasm or irony, it is a gentle reproof) I think he will be pleased.

So many celebrities take umbrage with being spoofed like this - so, he is a welcome relief.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aww, shucks

I got an email yesterday from an ex-student telling me how he had raised his GPA, how he has a scholarship to college next year, and (this is the oh, gee moment) how I was his most influential teacher.

He was in a repeater class, the worst class I have ever had, the one where I never got control and struggled to teach the entire class. (The one where I learned one truly dedicated student can destroy it for everyone else) So I would teach the ones I could. I am humbled by his email.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

six word Saturday

Selfies: we all have THAT friend.

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Why are some folks so enamored of themselves that they think we need to see their selfies several times a day? Or know that they went to the this store now that store and oh, yes, this restaurant?

I like knowing my friends are having fun. I like their photos of trips e or even simple walks around the places they live.

I like reminiscing about this or that from the past that seemed so simple then and so sweet now.

But I do not understand the self-absorbed.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

six word Saturday

You can't see someone else's pain.

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As we preach tolerance to each other, it is important to remember that. Their pain may be excruciating to them, maybe you could handle it. Maybe it is the reverse.

Point is, you never know.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Better place

I ran into someone I taught with several years ago and they told me I don't look stressed anymore.

They also told me that I needed to know that I am a good teacher.

I think sometimes this push for accountability really isn't about accountability at all.

I want to teach kids to question everything. Just because someone with authority tells you something, ask yourslef if it is true. Math leads itsef to this - but my stance may be a dangerous one as well as not favored by the uppity-ups.

I loved the validation. I also loved being told."You are happy and this is good. You deserve to be happy."

Six Word Saturday

Life is just a basketball game.

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Saw a game this week and loved watching the young men shoot rebound after rebound until they finally got a basket.

Now, how do I get them to do that with math? To not give up when they don't understand it, but to persist until they do?.

This is my 1600th post.