Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Time is passing, are you?

Why do kids think that if they pass up the extra credit options when they are offered, that I will suddenly create another when they need it later?

Had a kid ask today how he can raise his grade to passing in 2 weeks so he can be promoted to another rank in JROTC. I asked if he had done the three things he had already been offered. Oh, yes, he assured me.


He hadn't done any.

There are no copies left - everyone took the copies and few did the work.

So, now, I don't want to create more work, dig out the old work and make new copies, or look and see if there are copies squirreled away some place.

Karma is a hard teacher.

Instead, I am going to give him another copy of his progress report with the missed options marked.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I had a dream . . . . or a nightmare

[I wanted to post the Prickly city comic for today here, but it won't post. You will have to go look at it]

The current Prickly City comic reminds me of a dream I had a couple of weeks ago.

What if Hillary and Trump made a scheme together - that Trump was to act the buffoon, destroy his Republican opponents, rile the masses - so Hillary could ride in and save the election.


Trump became the hero and nothing he does turns his followers away and he wins the election, even doing stupid things like asking 2 other serial adulterers to join him in chastising Bill for his affairs.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Let's all walk in lock-step

I am getting tired of people assuming that because I am ____ I will do ___. A co-worker said yesterday that if every woman, black, Hispanic, and LGBT voted for Hillary, she would win. So every woman thinks like every other woman? Every black thinks like every other black? Every Hispanic thinks like every other Hispanic? Every LGBT thinks like every other LGBT? Let us forget, first, that she is lumping everyone into groups. Which is offensive. I am an individual and resist doing what i am told to do.

My second question is why, as someone who fought stereotypes for decades, who got where I am by fighting for it, why would I want someone who crows that she did as well, when she rode her husband's coattails?

I am listening to books on tape as I commute so I can ignore all the hatred this year. I feel better, and they are not changing my mind.

I am voting for Cthulhu.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Red flashing lights on a schoolbus means . . . . .

Obviously it means blow your horn because you are being inconvenienced - even the bus is really really good at keeping to a schedule.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The wheels go round and round and go nowhere

I have spent time since the accident dealing with all kinds of things they found because of the accident but weren't bothering me. The major thing is dealt with. A couple of smaller things need to be dealt with - but like i said, they weren't bothering me.

Now, I feel like I need to deal with things from the accident (soft tissue damage in my shoulder and leg) that are both bothering me. And I am so tired of doctors at this point.

And feeling very sorry for myself.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why I Detest Playing Games in Class

I am teaching a new course this year that has a lot of card matches. The school provides 1 ream of paper per week - and that isn't cardstock - so I made a class set.

Played the game in one period out of 4 - and 1/3 of the cards did not make it back at the end of class.

These are seniors.

The next class wanted me to create a new game for them.

Yeah, I have nothing better to do.

The difference a second can make

I was in a bad car accident a month ago.

I had 2 thoughts, seemed like several minutes apart, but in retrospect probably no more than a few seconds.

The first, as a car suddenly appeared in my lane, headed toward me "Oh, shit, I am going to hit her."

The second, after we hit, as I tried to catch my breath (airbags deployed, my seat either moved forward or the front of the car collapsed or both) "I can't breathe. I can't breathe, I am going to die." I watched the other driver jump out of her car, run to the other side screaming "my baby" and she opened the door to get her child out of the car.

I did catch my breath. I somehow opened my door and swung my legs out, and sat, my head in my hands, trying to catch my breath.

If I had been a little faster, she would have hit the driver's side that hard.