Saturday, September 28, 2019

Stupid Choices

In NYC you can be fined for calling an illegal alien an illegal alien.

My school is teaching us "functional Spanish" once a month, for less than 10 minutes, in the faculty meetings so we can call non-English speaking parents to talk with them about their children.

And (and I think this is related to the above) the state is not requiring teachers be certified because it is too difficult to get certified teachers.

Oy vey!

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NYC Educator said...

Elie Weisel said no human being was illegal. I agree. I work with newcomers, and I don't ask them how they came here. I do know that the current administration makes it very, very hard to meet requirements. I also know employers have called ICE rather than pay employees, which is disgusting.

When my grandparents came here, you didn't even need a passport to come in. I know people who've come here at great, great cost because their family members were being murdered and they were next. It's actually not illegal to seek refuge here, but from the way Trump treats them, you'd think it was.