Saturday, April 28, 2018

I am surviving the most stressful year

I am not going into all of it, but, since August I have been doing two people's jobs. There was a small window of a month where I thought the sub they had hired would actually do the job of a teacher, the job they hired her for, since she kept telling everyone she was the REAL teacher but that passed and I continue to do her job and mine.

When I comment to the administrators that I am drowning, they tell me the end is near.

Or that this is what I asked for (going back to gen ed).

PO, I know you keep telling me to shuck it and retire, but I hate going out on this note.

I am petitioning for a job in this school in another department teaching gifted students. If I get it, I will teach another couple of years. If they assign me a single co-taught class, please join me in singing "Take this job and shove it."

And I cannot tell you how freeing that is.

Yesterday, a student warned me that two assistant principals were near (I wasn't doing 100% of what I was supposed to but they were working). And I told her, what can they do? Fire me?

Wouldn't be the worst thing that happened this year.

The unseen baggage our students carry with them

We are approaching the end of the year and I am trying to get everyone to passing. While I battle a co-worker unlike any I have worked with or even heard about. (Maleficent hates me with a passion and I have no idea why. I am, however looking forward to that day when she no longer inhabits my life.)

I am getting ready for that arduous chore of calling parents for those kids who are failing, mostly because they don't come.

Some kids are special to other teachers. You know, the teacher has taken them under a wing. So I have been checking with my friends before I call.

This one was thrown out of his house by his mother and can't get to school. (No car and not on the bus route.)

That one lived with grandma but grandma died. Not sure how the kid is taking care of basic necessities - and school is not one.

This one's parents are in jail waiting for trial and possible prison.

That ones mom lost her job and he is having to work to hold everything together.

This one is behind because she was stolen by sex trafficers and got away but isn't the same anymore.

I hate just passing them but knowing the circumstances and knowing a diploma might make all the difference in life, how can you not?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Is there another room?"

Today I had an iep - and for the first time this year I had it in my room because there was no reason not to. I have had them in the Head Evaluator's room when we had an RDM (redetermination meeting) or on the main hall when I wanted to get specific teachers to come. My room is in the way back.

So a teacher came - we'll call her Ms. Teacher. She's been at the school a couple of years now.

She stood in the doorway for a bit and said she had another meeting to go to. I said it would be quick. Then she asked if we could have the meeting in another room.

I had forgotten.

In August a teacher attempted suicide in my room - then that teacher's room. Ms. Teacher had not been in the room since. I had forgotten because I had seen her on my hall, talking to another teacher.

Now, we have held class in that room every single day since THAT DAY. We have had kids in that room. I tried to get the room changed - nope. I have helped the kids deal. But we have been there every day.

And a forty year old professional doesn't want to step over the threshold.

It's been an interesting year and I will write more about it later. Much later.