Friday, June 28, 2019

She's sensitive

I got a lecture from a friend (Dawn) the other day about my reaction to another teacher, we'll call that teacher Annabelle. Dawn said I need to cut Annabelle slack, because she's sensitive and I am apparently intimidating.

Annabelle was in a position to make my life significantly easier but, because she was sensitive and hurt by the principal, she packed up her mitt and ball and went home and never answered a single request for information.

Now I am supposed to work with her. Sarcasm aside, understand I don't care that she is sensitive. If she asks me for something, I would probably give it to her. But I am not going to volunteer. The year she had her feelings hurt by the principal, I had the worst working year and working environment since I started work at 15.

I read something recently that you shouldn't compare pain. As in, well you had a broken leg but I had that and a broken arm as well. I get that.

The year she was here was probably her worst year. I know it was mine.

But she made herself irrelevant to my life. I dug out everything that I needed for the next year, some by myself and some from other people. And like the little red hen said, I will eat the bread myself.

Funny, I don't even care if Annabelle thinks I'm rude.

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