Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And life moves on

The letter went ok - her appointment went ok and now we see what happens next.

I asked a student to rework one problem on a project (since they had gotten WAY wrong answers) and was told "F**k this class" which I wrote in the comment as "Student refuses to fix problem." Student wrote me an apology later (after being chewed out by several friends, which made me humble) and will rework the problem tomorrow.

One of my students has apparently dropped out - mom doesn't know where she is right now, I will try to talk her into finishing and graduating. Wish me luck. I will look for her at her job until I find her.

Well, it's never dull.

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teachin' said...

Don't you wish every now and then that it WAS dull? Even if just for a few days? I know that's how I'M feeling today.