Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things that roast my butt


How was YOUR Wednesday?

1) Administrators who keep sending out Urgent! Do this now! If you received this, please act! emails that you have already done. My guess is that Sandi and Barney and 5 or 6 others haven't done this and rather than emailing THEM, you are wasting everyone else's time by making it a group email. I already did this. Twice. I emailed it to the correct person. I could waste her time by asking if she has mine, or waste it a little less by just doing it again. But I AM NOT THE PROBLEM SO WHY NOT ADDRESS THIS TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE?

2) Students who don't come to class and then are shocked! SHOCKED! that they are failing. Then they waste everyone else's time complaining about how lame I am that they don't know this and how their mother is going to get them out of this class. (Oh, I wish. Who do I pay?) I guess they will grow up to be administrators, unable to see cause and effect.

3) Administrators who insist on assigning every child a book - even in classes where we do not have books - when we have teachers without printers or computers. The teachers would at least use the printers and computers - the books will prop up the uneven table at best.

4) Putting the most copiers where the least teachers are and vice versa.

5) Stoopid teachers breaking said copiers because they are too stoopid to use them and too lazy to ask for help - then not owning up to the fact they broke it and inconvenienced every one else.

6) Kids who talk during class.

7) Administrators who put it on the general ed teacher to fill out and hold meetings with the special ed teacher. Nope, not my job this year.

Have to call a parent on a kid who told me "talk to the hand" - think my list will do for now.


Pissed Off said...

You don't make me look forward to going back. Still have a week and three days. No programs yet!

ChiTown Girl said...

What the hell!? I KID told you to talk to the hand!? I'd like to make him/her talk to the BACK of my hand!! Ugh! I hope you get somewhere with mother. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that kids who act that way toward their teachers (and all the other adults they encounter!) act the exact same way to their parents, mostly because their parents have allowed it. Talking to those parents is usually a waste of my time. :(

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Sounds like life in education is rolling along as usual...I must admit, I haven't heard the "Talk to the hand" remark though. I'd be struggling to refrain from USING MY HAND...LOL