Sunday, August 15, 2010

Same-o same-o

Funsucker has not changed. I think she is feeling overwhelmed this year - or is off her meds - but she is not demanding that she teach in my class. Of course, it is also first period and she may not be awake yet. (Gotta love being a morning person and being chipper to snarly teenagers who would rather be anywhere else.)

She still refuses to do her damn job.

I have started keeping a log. I track how long she talks with which students. There are a dozen or so in the class which - BY FEDERAL LAW - she must spend her time. Instead she chats with this one or that one "because they need help" while the students she is supposed to be in there for are coming to me.

Yes, I know we are there to help all the kids, but why bother putting her in a classroom with another teacher when she talks over their instruction and will not help the special ed kids?

Document document document.

My husband sat me down yesterday and said he does not want me to pursue another degree and he wants me to really think about going to a private school.

I bristle at the idea. I have never gone anywhere but public schools, never sent my children to anywhere but public schools. I want to help these kids.

I handed out a survey for them to fill out. They asked if they got a grade for it - I said no, but I needed the information - it was on how they learn and what they know.

Half didn't turn it in. Another few slopped crap on paper.

It is now a quiz grade. I am giving 100 to the ones who followed instructions. Zero to the ones who didn't do anything (they can make it up by turning it in after they do it on their own time) and 50 to the ones who did half. (Again, they can fix it on their own time).

And I am thinking about private schools.

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Mrs. H said...

I was just thinking the other day that it might be time for a change for you.