Saturday, August 21, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Need to pick up the pace.

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I am doing ok in a couple of my classes, but I need to pick up the pace in the repeater class. The problem is the talkers. I came in prepared with pop quizzes Friday and will do that from now on. If they won't work, I will be calling home.

I have talkers. I have the ones on their telephones (it is so cute the way they think I don't see, she says sarcastically). I have one who keeps selling candy (she is the first one I will be calling home on). I have one who keeps wanting me to send him to detention. (He got it when I said fine. I have no problem with it taking you three times to pass this course. And next year, if you fail me, you will have a different teacher. Possibly the one you had last year.)

I told them yesterday, if they want to talk, I will not compete. I refuse to yell, although I am capable of it. So, we'll do quizzes so that I know what they know.

Then they worked.

Have are repeating the subject. For half it is brand new. Finding the pace is beyond difficult.

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Nora Johnson said...

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Hope all goes well next time.

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