Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rearranged the room

I rearranged the room, so that I have more control, and I am enjoying the students more.

It is early in the "training process", but they seem lower and more needy that the kids last year.

I am getting comments like "You said we had to work. You didn't say anything about the right answer." So, it's ok to slop numbers on a piece of paper rather than actually working the problems?

I am getting very tired of being yelled at by the administration. When I failed to have my little darlings walk in a line (are you kidding me?), one of them started yelling about having the students under control. I thought I handled it well, but one of my students (laughing) told me I rolled my eyes.

We have failed AYP enough that I bet the administration is worried, but they are destroying morale.

Wish I could rearrange the administration as well.

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