Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I'm so stressed"

I asked for help. (I hate to keep coming back to this but I don't ask for help very often and it took a lot for me to ask.) So, I asked a teacher to help by letting my know what she was doing for class for two days, this being a class she has taught before and I haven't.

She said fine.

When I left at the end of the day I had heard nothing, so I really didn't expect that she would follow through and I came up with something. (This week, I am planning the day before and I. HATE. THAT.)

When I got to school, she greets me with "I am so stressed" but I really didn't give a damn since she hadn't come up with anything and I had my own problems.

I found out today what she was so stressed about.

She had a bad dream.

No, seriously. She had a bad dream and so she didn't plan for her class this week, because it left her stressed.

I would say she was an adult, but you might misunderstand.

She is old enough to have taught 15 years.



Someone mentioned "what, you are in school already?"

The average high for the past couple of weeks is about 93. (I am too lazy to actually calculate it, so I am eyeballing it.) The only county near Atlanta that hasn't started is Fulton County. [Atlanta straddles Fulton and DeKalb County and there is also the Atlanta Public School district] Fulton will start on the 21st. The rest of the districts are sending their kids on school buses that are not air conditioned but they ask that the kids bring water on the bus.

The parents don't want to start school this early. The teachers don't want to start this early. The kids sure don't want to be here.

But we are in school.


Mrs. H said...

Oh my goodness Ricochet. I feel so bad for you. This is not how a new year is supposed to start out. And starting school this early when it is still so hot? Ridiculous idea. I am so glad Texas finally passed a law about not being able to start until the last Monday in August. Still early compared to when I went through school, but not as crazy as it used to be when we went back the first week in August.

Ricochet said...

On the positive side (and I am really tired which is why I am coming across as snarly), my kids are pretty good. I have a couple I wouldn't give you two cents for, but most are pretty good.

I am going to teach them not to talk.

ChiTown Girl said...

I feel your pain. Our kids started this week, we've had a 'severe heat alert/advisory' thing going on all week because of the triple-digit heat index readings, and we have NO AIR-CONDITIONING in our school. Good times...good times....