Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It is going to be a very long year

The principal is sitting in his office, in the dark, on his computer, day after day. I guess it's cooler in the dark (I have a room so hot that I have sweat rolling down my face by lunchtime and other teachers complain about going home sopping wet). It's just creepy to walk past his office on the way to the secretary, and he is sitting in the dark, on his computer.

On the other hand, we aren't being reamed out for stuff we already do right.

Several of us were griping about the amount of training they have scheduled for us - and when it is scheduled. (Everything has to be on a Friday?) Why do that? Why not meet with us individually and tell us, individually, what we do right and what we do wrong, as opposed to yelling at us as a group and hoping we figure out which is us.

I got an email today about a group of students with the admonition to let the principal know if he left someone off. I want to bang my head against the wall. How do I know if he left someone off the list, if he won't tell me the criteria or tell me who should be on the list. I tried not to ask that because, wait for it, I knew he would say he'd sent me that list. Actually, no he didn't.

So, if I want it, I can go to his office (about 6 times until I can find him free) and get the list - or assume (love that word), that I have everyone I need.

And that's just the administration. I will have to write about the kids. I think I have most of the classes under control - now for the last one. . .

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