Sunday, August 22, 2010

The List

Dear Counselor:
Posh Spice, Sporty Spice and Scarey Spice came into my class with a list. After they took a quiz they started saying the following, loudly enough to be heard by the entire class.

A and B (Not sure about the initials here) were doing it in the library
And in the stairwell

H and J have been making out. H has mono.
J has mono too
I knew about H, I didn’t know about J
Well they’ve been making out and mono is contagious, so J must have it.

Then something about P and about N

There was a lot more but I don’t remember.

The girls kept consulting a list and whispering (very quietly) who the letters represented to each other. Then they would loudly go through the gossip about the people as above.

Big Boy kept going over there to see what was involved. And what they were saying about him.

I don’t know if they were doing this to prove to the class that they are important and know all these things – or would gossip about someone if they didn’t like them. Or, quite frankly, they could have been making things up so that I write them up and they could go to their AP and say that I made it all up.

Even if it isn’t true, I could write them up for disrupting my class. If it is true, the things they are saying about their friends (and I use the term loosely), then I believe this borders on bullying. So I am bringing it to your attention to ask what I should do next.

Signed, Ricochet

Answer: nada, zilch, zippo, ummmm, still waiting for processing.

3 comments: said...

If this was my class, I would walk over, tell them to knock it off and give me the list. They would scramble to put it away and then I would bend down, close to their face and say, "the list is mine the next time it comes out, got it?" I would wait for a response. then I would make a note of this on the log-entry part of the grading program. I know you have trouble getting ahold of parents, but should this happen again, I would try to call parents and then also make a log entry.

Ricochet said...

These three have each lied to the administration about me - and other teachers. The class will back them, not me (been there, done that). So, I chose this route. said...

You have very heinous children. They sound like they can outdo my school's inner city kids with their hands tied behind their backs! Makes me glad I am far away from a classroom right now.