Saturday, April 20, 2013

Six Word Saturday

How can I take this seriously?

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This week we took all kinds of state mandated tests. These are the tests which, in a few years, will comprise part of the evaluations that teachers endure every year. Don't get me wrong. Teachers should be evaluated because we consider this to be an important profession. I think.

I had one 2 year old pitch a fit. I'm mistaken - she was 16. The fit however was exactly like that of a 2 year old. This took place in the middle of one of these tests (complete with her throwing herself on the floor) because I asked her to put up her phone. Remember: DURING the test. She was removed by an administrator - who chastised me for interrupting the test.

He talked to her and sent her back. This is not the first such behavior from this child and, without consequences, will not be the last.

In another class a clique wrote IDK on every short answer question. Again, no consequences for them. Oops - wait. I had to write a list of students recommended for an honor the school bestows. I had to remove several names based on the behavior on the test.

In third class a group drew remarkable pictures with the scantrons.

We also have to take them in for surveys, which will also count toward our evaluations. The darlings (the ones who misbehave and are willing to throw everyone's education away for the sake of attention, good or bad) have threatened me since day one with the idea tha they will get me fired. Yep, expecting rave reviews.

Education is important. We only truly own what we carry in our heads (and hearts). I will keep on keeping on, but I cannot take this seriously. We are one of a handful of schools piloting this project in Georgia. It is a joke. Just not a funny one.


retired not tired said...

Education is wasted on the young. As far as the tantrum person I had an adult through a fit in a store where I worked. I handled him and made him apologize to the rest of the customers. He received many glares and I got applause.

Ricochet said...

People need to be held accountable. Thank you for holding him accountable.

Mlissabeth said...

Not funny at all...