Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Rip In Heaven

I just finished reading A Rip In Heaven. Part of what struck me was how many of my students are like the main players in this true story: both the victims and the perpetrators. I read the reasons for the behaviors - and have no more answers.

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Ricochet said...

Marlin Gray was the alpha male, the leader who set the perps on the path that led to rape and murder.I have had one or two people like him in classes. I have more like Reginald Clemons, a good kid who was led completely off the path his family had put him on - and who now does not accept any responsibility for the crime. They are only coming after him because of his color. And Daniel Winfrey and Antonio Richardson - younger followers trying to be cool.

While it is probably true that their background and lack of parental involvement (Reginald being the exception) led to the decisions they made, that doesn't excuse it.

How do you teach them to make different decisions when they cannot see the consequences?