Monday, December 23, 2013

Things I wish I could teach my students

There are real life things that students need to be taught but - well, I don't think there is any way to learn these except at the school of hard knocks.

If you are going to want something from me there are all kinds of ways to ask for it that will probably result in you getting it. Disrupting my class, insulting me, complaining to the administrators that I don't grade things correctly when, really, you cheated off of someone else, talking while I am teaching, complaining to your neighbor rather than just asking . . . . . well, these are probably not going to get you what you want.

It is possible to act in a manner that is so completely horrible that there is nothing - including time - that will erase that memory.

If you are failing, refuse to do my work in my class (and instead do other classwork while I am explaining how to do whatever), don't want to waste your time doing an optional project, or do a half-assed job at the grade recovery work you are given with time to complete - if you do all of those things, do not ask me for things to raise your grade at the last minute.

If you have been caught cheating, accept the consequences. Do not try to justify it.

Do not break the supplies I bring in and expect I will buy more

I will think about this - I am sure there is more.

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Kate Brainerd said...

I once had a student I caught cheating. Not only did she deny it in the face of overwhelming evidence, she brought her boyfriend to the following class period to physically intimidate me and threaten me. Then she withdrew from the class and tried to sign up for a different section - taught by my colleague who also had no tolerance for cheating. Sometimes I marvel at the level of entitlement among younger people these days. It is scary.