Saturday, December 28, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Two weeks is not enough time.

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I am finally sleeping until 7:30 - but I am still falling asleep during the day.

I have cleaned small parts of my house and chunked out most of what I am doing the month of January - and further for some of the classes.

I am avoiding rooms in my house that are calling to me. If I could tame them, I would have a richer life.


A book is calling louder that the rooms.


bookmammal said...

Books often take priority over chores at my house--join the club! :-)

Tonya Jastad said...

I say read the book, the rooms will still be there when you finish reading! :)

Mlissabeth said...

That often happens in my house too.

retired not tired said...

Take the time to read a book. The rooms will still be there.

Kate said...

Give in to the call.