Monday, December 23, 2013

Blog List

I was looking at my blog list (because I added two more blogs to it) and I realized that, while I should probably clean it up, I won't. There are blogs that haven't updated in years but - if the writers decide to come back I would like to know that they had and what they had to say.

These blogs and their writers have gotten me through some tough times in this journey of teaching. (Just thought today that in the past 3.5 years there have been 18 administrators filling 5 roles. Bit of a turnover, each set is worse than the ones before, it is hurting morale, not helping the school - but it is what it is. We won't talk about teacher turnover.)

Sometimes I even go back to the dead blogs and read old posts.

There are writers I miss (like 3 standard deviations to the left who is apparently gone for good) and several I have become better friends with off our blogs.

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