Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ethics and the overtested students

We all have those students who will tell the entire class (while you are reviewing and trying to inspire them for the upcoming high stakes test) that B is always the answer. Or C. Or whatever. Anything to avoid actually thinking and learning the material.

So, this week when we were giving the state test on math, what do I see on my row but a student dutifully coloring in C for every answer. I asked her to please read the question and try. I asked the principal to talk with her - same result.

Then I see another making delightful patterns on the score sheet - patterns that included 2 or three shaded circles on each row. Connected with heavy lines.The principal wanted me to erase some of the answers. NOT. A. CHANCE.

So, we left it at that.

(Disclaimer: events really happened. Not all the players are as described.)

And I will get judged and evaluated on students who will never take these tests as seriously as I do.

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