Saturday, May 26, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Do you spread chaos or calm?

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The administration has taken waffling to a new standard this week. You have to fill out form A by 4 o'clock. The next hour: no, make that form B by 3:30. Fifteen minutes later: Form A by 4 o'clock was correct.
All from the same person.
I am so confused about what is required that I know I messed up one thing already and will have to recreate it this weekend.
(Psst, Admins. It isn't as if the end of the year is a surprise. Most of us have been counting down for a month.)
This year we had all new ones and they turned everything upside down to make us "better." Next year they have grandiose plans. They haven't been able to follow through on their part this year. I dread the start of next year. Chaos will rule.


Ron. said...

We (who work in such environments) have all been there. I'm there now, too. You'd think, given the recurring nature of the year-end work, there would be far less confusion, far more continuity, eh? No.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Sometimes one, sometimes the other!

My 6WS

Karen S. said...

Oh my that is a great question. One that stops a person in their tracks!

Elaine said...

I am told that, in the workplace, I spread calm, but not sure about it at home!

restlessjo said...

Taking your question at face value, I'd have to ask my husband. He works from home. I'm the "hanger on".