Saturday, November 15, 2014

Six Word Saturday: tools

Tools are useless if not used.

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What is the point of my teaching you math if you refuse to lift a pencil and do any work on your own?

"Can you work this problem?"

Yes, dear, I can. Do you have any idea how to START working the problem? I mean, we have been doing this for a month and all you do is copy from the board.The test is tomorrow. Would you like for me to work that for you as well?


retired not tired said...

Does a computer count?

Call Me Cate said...

YES!!! In six words, you have so beautifully summed up the call I have with my bosses this afternoon. Though my call is about words, not numbers. We have all of these lovely resources and guides but yet another quality control call that really boils down to "you have to actually follow the guides!"

Oh, I could rant all day. Instead, I only get a 60-minute call at 3pm. And the worst offender is the new boss himself, who was hired to lead our quality revolution. He's leading it straight down the drain. I expect it to be awkward. And then I'm leaving for four days. :)

Have a great week! Thanks for playing 6WS!