Saturday, November 1, 2014

Six Word Saturday

There are things I don't understand.

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A teacher quit this week and will not return to the school.

I don't understand how you can make a committment to the school (and to the kids) and just walk away.

She was unwilling to adapt to the the culture of the school - felt the paperwork was beneath her and that the kids and the school should adapt to her. She would rail against these things in the meetings we attend - and irritate us all.

I see so many in my classes who apear at this point to be similar people - the world should adapt to me.

I feel like I am antiquated, with antiquated values. But, then, I like mine and that is ok.

Because I also don't understand how you can bring a child into the world and hurt it. How you can bring an animal into your heart and abandon it.

Think I will keep my values and toddle on.


Karen S. said...

You make excellent points in all cases. Hence why two of my three dogs were abandoned, now they're with me. I don't understand either how some folks are so "it's all about me!" Especially when I know some of those folks parents and upbringings. What in the world happened? How ever will they get out of such a sorry affair of life. Sadly, too many of them get behind the wheels of their cars and cause many accidents.

retired not tired said...

I agree!

keith hillman said...

With you all the way.