Saturday, August 31, 2013

I am not Superman

I know my students have issues.

I think our percentage of free and reduced lunch is about 50%. Our graduation rate is between 60% and 70%.

I listened to a student tell me about his horrible home life and I finally told him that I will do everything I can to help him graduate. And I told him that I cannot do a thing to fix his home life. But, I can do everything I can to help him graduate. And if he works with me, he can graduate and change his home life. I pray for the ones like this.

He wants it. He is working for it. His life outside of school is an anchor pulling him down. If he can stay strong, "keep his eye on the prize" - there is hope. Please, Lord, give him the strength. And help me help him escape.


Mlissabeth said...

Each one, reach one, right? I pray this continues all year.

I will be back to school next week. See my 6ws here:

Becca said...

Good luck to him! Just do what you can :)

Tonya Jastad said...

Good luck to you both. You are the kind of people that we need more of in our schools and the world for that matter!

Lizze said...

I'll pray that you both find the strength you need to "keep your eye on the prize". You may not wear a cape or fly but I'm willing to bet that to THIS student and others like him, you're pretty darn close to The Man of Steel.