Saturday, May 18, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Calling mommy isn't sign of maturity.

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Do not try to tell me that you are my most mature student when you pick up your phone and call mommy to complain about every slight.

On a side note, does this article show that our priorities are skewed?


Ron. said...

Oh. Perhaps you didn't get the memo. "Mature" was redefined some time ago. If you'd gotten the memo, you'd have lowered your expectations long ago.

Still, I have to admire your persistence in the face of almost imeveitable failure.

If I had a medal, I'd give it to you. I voted for a pay raise, but you already know how that went.

Sorry. And thanks.

Ron. said...

Please ignore the horrible spelling in the comment above. I had VERY GOOD TEACHERS, who would be extremely disappointed to see them. It's an I-didn't-have-my-coffee-yet thing, and an I'm-too-eager-to-respond-to-bother-proofreading thing.

I can spell, and manage all other aspects of written language quite well. Thank you, teachers.

Karen S. said...

When my mother was alive, I did always run many things by her, those major big important things that had me on the fence. I miss having her around for those little chats.

Ricochet said...

Karen, I like those talks also - but "I'm calling my mom and she will deal with this" is not the normal response of a 16 year old boy - in a classroom.

McGuffy Ann said...

Well said. There are those who call mommy, and then there are those who lie to mommy...both are bad, on many levels.

Pissed Off said...

Talking to mom about a problem and crying to mom to solve it are two different things.