Friday, May 10, 2013

Six Word Saturday - early

When they bother you - think iron.

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And what is the symbol for iron? Fe. For forget 'em. (or words to that effect.)

How did these kids get the idea that whining, threatening, insulting will get you what you want? I told them that it is the fastest way for me to dig in my heels and get to Hell-No - and stay there. And right beyond Hell-No is I'll-be-blessed-if-I-ever-change-it-to-passing.


McGuffy Ann said...

Interesting way to think!

Fiona Biedermann said...

I wondered what you were getting at until I read further, but the iron idea sounds good

Mlissabeth said...

Like the Cee Lo Green song~ "Forget You," eh? ;)
Yesterday, I had a student that told me I needed hearing aids when I tried to correct his "r" sound (I am a Speech Pathologist.) Why do students think that they can get away this kind of attitude?

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Ron. said...

Whine, Wheedle, & Threat probably work just fine at home, I'll bet...