Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I have been tutoring a girl this summer in a subject I taught a couple of years ago. She is actually taking an online course (because she failed the course last year) but her mother wanted tutoring to supplement it.

She missed some time because she was sick and fell behind to the point (since she missed deadlines) that she was failing.

Her mother got permission for her to redo 2 of the chapters and we have been flying through it and her grade was passing by Monday.

Then the online school asked her to come in and take a test there "just so that you can do this faster. We aren't checking up on you."


She got a 95 on the test under their eyes. I am a pretty good teacher - especially when I have a student who will do the work. And I don't cheat.


Pissed Off said...

Schools don't want good teachers. They just want kids out. Good school makes kids come in to do exam.

Karen S. said...

Think happy! Think love and life and fun!...Think summertime! :)

joanne said...

You've probably have most of the summer off, so back to work is always a drag....