Thursday, April 26, 2012


Communication is a lost art this year. Admins ask us to do things and then, after we have done whatever, ask us why we didn't include something else.

Because they didn't communicate that they wanted that.they even wanted it.

But today was the cream on the cake.

The district had asked teachers to apply for a special duty. You had to apply and be interviewed. The teachers who applied were supposed to be told two weeks ago who got it - no report.

So several of the teachers who had applied for the position were talking this morning and one of the admins breezes in and congratulates Mike for getting it - and breezes out.. Funny thing - they never told the others they didn't get it. How (stomp foot) wude!!

Sorry to be so vague. I applied but really didn't think I would get it -  so no skin off me.

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