Saturday, February 25, 2017


And it doesn't seem to matter what age the kid is.

My daughter is away for several months so I am cleaning out her room of things I had in there before she moved back. I asked her to take some time before she left to clean it up.

Every time I walk down there, I don't even know where to start. Or why the trash and laundry is all over the floor. Or why there is no room for 2 people at the same time so I could get help.

It is an odd space but I can see how, with work, it could be useful and not a disaster.

I think I have a solution: when she returns I will tell her the rent for the room is $400 a month, which can be offset by various chores of my choosing, designed to empty her room of crap.

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Linda Fox said...

Better solution - pack up everything in boxes, haul it to a storage locker, pay the first month's rent. If she wants her stuff, she has to reimburse you for the cost before you turn over the key and code.

Meet her at the door when she returns with the stuff - she can't bring it inside (or, take it out of her car) until she goes through it and de-junks the load.