Saturday, January 7, 2017

Not bulletproof

This week, my phone rang during class and I ignored it (as always). So a student, who revels in the inappropriate and getting attention, started in.

What if it is important? (Then they won't call me.)

What if it is a family emergency? (Then again they won't call me. They will call another family member - or they will call the office. They know I am not going to answer it.)

And then, I do not know why, I mentioned that as a fluke one of my children called a few years ago, in tears, just before class started to say a friend had been shot, murdered. When class started, I told the class that on this occasion, if my phone rang, I would answer, because that was my child. I pointed this out to the attention-sponge and said I do recognize that things happen, which is why, on occasion , I let a student step out and make a call.

We went on with class.

About 15 minutes later, attention-sponge says "Ricochet, your friend wasn't bulletproof."

No shit.

I know I stared at her. I don't know if I told her that was a thoughtless, heartless thing to say. I believe I said "I think less of you." And I went back to teaching.

My husband took it as a threat. I take it as a comment of the times, that kids think they can say anything (and apparently they can in school.) Can't wait til some find that employment is not the same.

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