Sunday, October 18, 2015

Making it easier to graduate III

Part of the reason school play this stupid game, lowering the bar to "help" kids earn their diplomas, is the price the schools pay if they don't meet certain standards.

I have jumped through the school improvement grant phase, the title I phase. Both with all the requirements the state can add to a burdensome workload.

Now our governor has set up another hurdle. If a district does not meet the state's standards, the state will step in and take it over.

Yep, ought to work well.

Did I mention that it has been almost a decade since the state funded the schools to the amount they are required to by law?

That couldn't possibly affect anything.

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Rita Cat said...

No amount of funding or take over will get some kids to learn. I take the politically incorrect position that school is not for everyone and we should stop trying to make everyone into an Einstein.