Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Graduations in the south - and probably everywhere

Is arresting those who cannot follow the rules the answer? I have been to several graduations lately - a couple of college ones, three high school ones. They are not like my own graduations.

People feel compelled to yell. Great. It probably makes your own child feel good but it makes it difficult to hear the next names.

Once their own graduate has graduated, people are incredible. They take phone calls and hold conversations. Loud conversations.

They talk amongst themselves.

They let their children (and I mean anyone under the age of 18) run amok.

They treat it like a football game.

Or the movie theater.

I think people no longer consider where they are or what is happening around them.



Kate Brainerd said...

Yeah this has definitely changed. I thought it was because I went to a small rural HS - I thought the graduations I've attended lately might be raucous because I live in a city with HUGE high schools! Do you think size matters? ;)

Ricochet said...

Large state university, small 2 year college, 2 medium sized (600 grads) high schools - one outside, one in the basketball gym, 1 small high school (200 grads) outside. I think it is the people.

mathmaticamama said...

Is anyone surprised? Teachers see the falling apples and the trees.