Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Love being told what to do by a student

They don't understand that cheating is not just taking answers but giving answers.

They don't understand that swapping information with A so that you can help B copy answers is cheating.

They don't understand that it isn't up to them to decide who I choose to punish.

But mostly, they don't understand that they are cheating themselves from learning the math - they aren't cheating me.

So great when the cheater thinks he can dictate how I will grade the assignment.


Kate said...

I hear ya'. My favorite time was when I discovered one of my writing students had copied homework from another student (fairly easy to ascertain, since it's a WRITING class). When I confronted both of them, one student apologized for letting the other one do it. The student who had copied started screaming at me, tore the assignment to pieces and threw it, stomped out of the room. The next day she came back with her burly boyfriend (moral support?)to tell me that I had to "take it back" or she would switch to another section of the class. I told her that my colleague who taught the other section felt the same about plagiarism as I did. Sure enough, she found herself expelled from the class within two weeks. It amazes me how students seem to have no sense of accountability when they get caught.

Ricochet said...

Finally figured out what I am going to do. The test was supposed to help their grade (these are seniors, we are at the end, and too many are failing). Everyone who is involved or could be involved will not get a grade for the test (2 could be involved but not getting a grade will not hurt them. I hurts one of the ones involved). And, life isn't fair that it doesn't hurt all of the ones involved.