Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It snowed here *updated

Those of you up north are probably laughing at those of down here in the snow. Wow, 2 inches of snow and the world ends. Well, ponder this.

1) we do not have much equipment to deal with this because we get a bad snow storm (at most) twice a decade.

2) so we also have no practice driving in this.

3) this area is in the piedmont - lots of hills and curves, lots with narrow roads and ditches on both sides. (and no sand or salt).

4) coming home yesterday only about 4 of the hills I go over had sand on them, And only on my side of the road. The other side was slippy slidey.

5) several school systems down here decided to hang out until 11:00 in order to count it as a full day - then (by law) had to feed the students. We have thousands of kids who never made it home and spent the night in school - or were picked up by their parents late.

6) stuff like this brings out the best and the worst in people. Some people went out of their way to use 4 wheel drive to get folks home - and some folks were ignoring traffic laws.

And this makes it sound even better.

We are being told to stay off the roads - so no school tomorrow.


Pissed Off said...

I had a flight to Houston several years ago that was severely delayed because of a half inch of snow down there. I guess us northerners have an advantage this time. But, it is freezing here too.

Ricochet said...

Cold cold winter this year.

mittens said...

You do indeed have my sympathy, I know how bad it is here after the first snwo when the roads havent been treated, people forget what black ice is, and hit the brakes one time too many. Multiply that times an entire city (or state) in thrall, and I can see how awful it must be.
Not only that the houses are cold, no one has any idea about dressig for cold, and it's just a mess. (hugs you warmly).
It does get better, and now you all know how to drive (or not drive) in snow!