Saturday, July 6, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Setting priorities - not up to me.

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I have control issues.

I want to be looking at the students I will be teaching, going through the data we are supposed to be looking at.

You know - while there is no pressure. While the weather is cooperating. (Not much else you can do while it rains- since that interferes with doing things outside or watching tv.

But, since they won't assign students to my classes, my priorities have to be redone.


retired not tired said...

When i taught I used to like to make my own judgements about my students. I found that teachers often had biases that couldn't be overcome. I let my students start with a clean slate.

Ron. said...

Imagine. There's still a teacher out there that believes in data-driven education. I'll have to tell My Beloved Sandra; she swears that they're extinct. This will make her very happy!

Ricochet said...

Retired: I am not basing my opinions on other teachers. But If I have a student who has failed the class I am teaching 3 times before - it helps me to know that going in. I still need to know him - but knowing he scores high in other classes gives me one picture. Knowing he fails almost everything every year tells me something else. But I cannot look at their past until I know who they arel

Pissed Off said...

You have to forget about school and enjoy the summer and your vacation. The data doodoo means nothing. Stop stressing and relax. Before you know it, you will be back to that hell hole. Go have a nice cold beer at that fun place we went to in Atlanta--it is a much better way to spend your free time.

Ricochet said...

PO I am not stressing - I like planning for school and how I will teach them. The 4 boys who drove me crazy will not be my students next year I was going to warn their new math teacher (they try to trap you and it is easier dealt with if you prepare) - but the teacher they have this year doesn't think I have anything to offer. So, he is on his own.