Saturday, November 17, 2012

Six Word Saturday

What goes up - might come down.

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Message to my students: If I give an incredibly easy assignment in attempt to raise your grade (which I even tell you is the purpose) and you choose to blow it off because "I'm passing this course" - do you not realize that you will still get a grade and it will not be beneficial?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mary Johnson said...

even balloons

Happy Saturday!

Brenda Youngerman said...

that would be assuming students think rationally... and you should know by now that is not the case :)

retired not tired said...

Students need to be guided every step of the way. Love your quote.

Linda said...

Ya can't win for losin'... Kids just do what they do...and that seems to be pretty much what they want to do these days...and nothing that they don't! Yikes!

Teachers have a hard job these days!

Alyson Sheldrake said...

great quote!
and - harsh - but fair - as we say!
maybe they'll work harder at the next assignment for you!