Saturday, September 1, 2012

Six Word Saturday

I don't like myself when angry.

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And I don't like being put into a situation where I can't succeed.

Things are looking better. But I don't know how successful this year will be.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I so agree, it displeases me very much when I allow myself to get angry, and I often feel that way in situations where I have little or no control over what's happening. The secret is to breathe, and to take a mental break from it for awhile, most things fall into place or are at least handled better a few days down the road. Rage isn't worth it, it makes us hurt!

Pissed Off said...

Remember, no one reaches them all. You will succeed. I have faith in you. You need to have faith in you too.

Karen S. said...

None of us do, but sometimes we must, breathe deep and move onward!

Linda said...

Oh I is a yucky feeling to lose our temper and to be angry! But I venture to say we all have done it. (:>)

The Holy Spirit convicts me when I lose my temper... I say I am sorry and make things right with the person I was angry at..and I am forgiven...and that does feel good!