Friday, March 16, 2012

"defining deviance down" - my life

The level of rudeness among the students this year is - palpable.

I do not want to respond in kind. Sometimes, I cannot help myself. Whatever I say or do is labelled "attitude" or "snarkiness" - and it really isn't.

Today, I was working out review so I can post it on my teacher blog for the kids taking a major test in 2 weeks. I am doing this because they aren't going to work it out and, while I could just post the answers, this way I can post the work as well. Were they engaged - nope. They were doing the same thing they have been doing every time I suggest they prepare. I am tired of pleading that they work. I figure this way I can say with conviction that I have done everything that I can do. Most will fail.

So, I am standing at the board, writing. Suddenly, a entitled person (aka Student) yells "I need scissors." I turned around, looked at her and said "not now" and went back to work.

Louder: "I need scissors." I turned around and calmly said "I have not assigned anything in this class today that requires scissors." and went back to work. She said (loud) one more time. "You have scissors and I want them." I turned around again. "Darling, just because I have supplies doesn't mean I have to provide them to you."

She took offense to the Darling (oh, I care so much. I was impressed I didn't tell her how I really felt.) and then started fussing to her friends how I am rude and she is trying so hard to be pleasant because her mother told her to be and blah blah blah. I interjected a comment at one point (I really shouldn't have) and she said "Am I talking to you? It is a private conversation." To which I replied "In my room."

I didn't say anything else to her. Two (of the 30 people who need to pass this test) came and started asking questions about what I was doing and taking notes, so I slowed down - but kept writing.

At the end of the class I went to where the scissors were and asked Darling if she still wanted to borrow them. She told me I could bring them to her. I told her if she wanted them she could come and get them because they went on the shelf. "I am not going to steal your stupid scissors. I have scissors at my house." I stood there until she came and got them, cut the string on her skirt that was bothering her and sat down. She said (very sarcastically) "Thank you for finally getting them." And I told her, "Now, I am not busy."

I wish I could say I made this up. But this is pretty much the conversation and the expectation I have from several students. I had another begging money (which is why I never bring any) and the usual groups just talking.

I am not enjoying several of my classes - three though make it worth the rest.

Darling? I am counting the days until she is someone else's. (Just to make a couple of clarifications: Darling is not special ed, is not a minority, and has no reason to believe she is ALL THAT. But apparently she does.)


Pissed Off said...

If I didn't teach for so many years I would swear you were making this up. Luckily I haven't taught too many Darlings.

ChiTown Girl said...

Wish I could say I found this shocking... :(

Ricochet said...

Sad thing is I have a class with enough Darlings in it to make it difficult for me to see the others. It really is only about a half dozen but that overwhelms a class - and they don't see it or care.

I am critiqued - loudly - in that class but they fail to see their own behavior. I honestly believe that they have such a sense of entitlement that it never occurs to them that they are not the center of everything.

It's like herding cats to teach that class.

Karen S. said...

On a bad day, I'd say for sure cuz the list would be so little...but in truth it's always on our blue days that we should stop and count our blessings, because as we shift through feels so GOOD!