Saturday, December 10, 2011

Question for high school teachers: how long does it take to read a page out loud?

How long does it take a high school student to read and comprehend a page of material - like a newspaper or something else written on a middle school or so level?

How long does it take to read this out loud?

Just trying to wrap my mind around this.


Mrs. Chili said...

Depends on the kid. I have a number of kids who seem to ONLY really get a text when they hear it (whether they're reading it aloud or they're listening to someone else read). Then, I've got kids who are so distracted by the sound that they can't understand anything; comprehension goes out the window when they hear a text aloud. I think a lot, too, depends on HOW they read - if they're speaking a word as they're looking at it, they're going to have a harder time than those of us who take in a quantity of text at a time and are speaking behind what we've already read.

As far as how LONG it should take? Good question; I never really thought of that. I suppose, again, it depends on the person doing the reading. I can read a page of text aloud - with appropriate pauses and inflection - at a normal speaking rate, but that's just me.

Ricochet said...

Which is better for them (assuming they are not strong readers) - my reading to them or the students taking turns reading?

leaz said...

The most interesting reader. If that is you than so be it. You may have to give instructions on listening comprehension skills.