Sunday, January 15, 2012

What are the youth coming to?

Yesterday I was a chaperone on a school trip to the Fox Theater. The expectations were explicit and repeated often - both the expectations of the school, the chaperones and the Fox. So
• The kids jumped up to leave as soon as the performance was over
• They talked to each other, texted, and laughed (inappropriately) during the performance
• They cursed – both on the bus (“That’s a f***ing big car”) and during the play
• When we got back on the bus, we had to repeatedly tell one couple that groping each other was not something anyone else wanted to see.

Oh, yeah, I want to chaperone again.

Did I mention waiting for parents to pick them up?

So, today, I took advantage of the High Museum's pay what you feel like day and took my family to the Picasso to Warhohl exhibit. Without context, Warhohl apparently loses something. I had to explain to the kids I thought I had raised with depth what an A&H green stamp was and that, yes, Campbell's used to sell Pepper Po and Scotch Broth soup. (It still does in Canada according to Amazon).

Who'd a thunk?

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Pissed Off said...

We went to High Museum when we were in Atlanta--it is a great place. I want to go back.