Sunday, January 15, 2012

Haven't been posting

Well, I have, but it is mostly gag posts.

I want to post meaningful things like Stu at Live Long and Prosper and Tom at Stop Trying to Inspire me and Mamacita and so many others. Read my blog roll. Some have quit posting but they are still on my roll because I hope they come back. Some, like me, have stopped posting about school and are posting more about themselves.

Are we all suffering from the same problems? I think so.

In my case, the Hulk, who was an awful manager and I fear and awful man, has been replaced by a good man who seems to be overwhelmed. (And his sidekick who appears to be truly evil) I know we all are overwhelmed. We get so many directives on how we are to change that there is no way to accomplish all of them or make them stick to your habits.

It takes time to make a habit, good or bad. If you add things once a week I can't make it mine - and then the administration is pissed at me. Hey, PO - that's my new blog. Pissed at Me. I can just list who I have annoyed this week and why.

I am a good teacher. I am not a star - I have repeatedly told you I am a mule - but I care. I incorporate change and reflection in my teaching to improve it. I share what I have (and usually get nothing back). I nag, chastise, shame and inspire my students.

I am not inspired by someone coming to me and telling me what a disappointment I am - someone who doesn't know that the teacher they are holding up as the Star had exactly the same pass rate on a test as I did and I had the kids for less class time.

I am not inspired by your threatening my job or by your telling a parent you can't support me or by your ignoring me.

The amount of paperwork and professional development this year is ridiculous. Rather than focusing on changing one or two things, they are focused on changing everything. They want the school culture changed. Clue to admin: when you repeatedly back the students over the teachers, the teachers have no power. Then exactly how do you think we can enforce this week's arbitrary rule?

What do I want to write about?

How to effectively improve a school (I will let you know when I see it).

How to effectively incorporate Common Core into the classroom.

How to increase student buy in.

How to increase student retention (of material and of graduation)

How to inspire teachers to reach new heights.

What do I write about: Let penguins unpack your baggage.


ChiTown Girl said...

I'm right there with you, my friend. All these things you've mentioned are what's pushing me closer and closer every day to a career change.

Ricochet said...

I know. I didn't list you or PO or Ms. Chili or Magical Mystical or several others. I know we are all waiting - for a change, for the summer, for inspiration, for Godot.

Pissed Off said...

I'm done waiting. The only changes I have seen since I first began my career have all been negative.

Tom said...

Wow. I think you're the first person in a very long time to refer to anything I've posted as meaningful. I appreciate the compliment, though.

Everything starting from "I am a good teacher" in this post is spot on and I can't even begin to count the number of times I have said the same exact things either aloud or in my head. I'm right there with you.