Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liberals don't seem to get it - hope you read this.

I am not a liberal.

I am not a conservative or a moderate or a fundamentalist or a tea partier.

I am probably closest to a libertarian but they irritate me too.

I want the Federal government out of my life. By that I mean I want much more limited government that we see these days. I want the Federal government out of schools. I want a lot of the bureaucracy disbanded. I want control for much of this returned to the states.

Will that solve all of the problems? No. We have as many corrupt politicians under the Gold Dome in Atlanta as you see in Chicago. But if we had local control it would be easier to reach them.

And, this being the South, we probably know their mama or some other kin that we could reach.

Please do not assume I am a 100% behind the person I vote for. I haven't been 100% behind anyone my entire life. I look for the one who agrees with me on the big picture (or the biggest piece of the big picture) and hope and pray for the best.

I find it odd that it is my liberal friends - who I dearly love except when they want to talk about politics - who seem most unwilling to let me have my own opinions which do not agree with theirs so they get insulting and call names.

I would stoop to their level except 1) we will not change each others' minds and 2) I would lose a friend.

I don't assume you like 100% of your candidate. Please grant me the same.

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Anonymous said...

I never considered myself so much a liberal myself..mostly a moderate. I go with the issues more than the political party. As much as I am completely against most of what is going on to public sector in this country and I have been to rallies, I am extremely traditional and old-fashioned in many ways. I have a passion and desire to do good and help make change in the world for the better.