Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I hate subs

I was out last week for a district training.

I left work for them to do and, because they will not work without a grade, a told them before I left that it was a quiz grade. I wrote it on the paper and the test.

The sub told them not to turn it in, so about 1/3 did not turn it in. I gave a 0 to the students who were in class and did not follow my instructions.

A parent sent me a note this morning that the sub told them not to turn it in so I should not enter a 0.

I have no words.

I am teaching students old enough to drive.

How exactly do I make them college and career ready when they cannot follow simple instructions? And cannot fathom whose instructions are more important?


Mrs. Chili said...

Don't hate the sub. Being a sub is perhaps the worst gig in the world. I put 100% of this on the kids. I'm TOTALLY cracking down on the student dumbness in my classes - I've got a website, available 24/7, to kids who are in front of a screen just about that often, that details EVERYTHING I want them to do and the times and dates I want them to do it. Yesterday, 6 out of 25 kids actually did what I asked. *I* have accountability; I'm not taking any more of their "but I didn't know.." bullshit.

Miss Shanks said...

OMG, I am sooo with you. I have great subs who deserve incredible amounts of kudos, but so many subs don't even ATTEMPT to teach the directions you worked on until 9PM for 2 nights, or compiled while enduring a migraine, etc. And something always disappears or breaks when there's a sub. I'm thinking of video taping the directions and asking the subs to just play the darn thing so there will be NO MISUNDERSTANDING of my expectations. LOL Some people Skype in when they are out but please, that's the same as being there and what's the point of being out?

Thanks for tolerating my vent! ;)