Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hitting the wall

I am not one to cry. I didn't do it when I was pregnant - not something I do. Or, I should say, not something I did. I have had to fight back tears almost every week since Halloween.

It isn;t that anything is an outrageous request - but this little piddly one and that little piddly one and this little piddly one add up to a load that is overwhelming.

I am overwhelmed.

I wonder if I could just turn into a babbling idiot and get disability? It has worked for others.

Making mudpies sounds wonderful.

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Josie Two Shoes said...

I honestly think that "overwhelmed" is a label so many folks, self included, wear nowdays. So much coming at us from so many directions, always too many balls to juggle in the air, trying to keep all the bases covered without spilling our tears or guts everywhere! Making mudpies sounds delightful! :-)