Saturday, October 20, 2012

Six word Saturday

Putting my ego aside for now.

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This year, I am learning my limitations.

The classes are too large to reach everyone. Some of the students have not learned in so long (or sincerely do not care and are waiting until the can drop out) that it would be difficult to reach them one-on-one and impossible when there are 35 other needy kids in the class.

Add a few with behavior worthy of a chief Mafiosi (without any of the talent behind it - just persistent threatening behavior to the other students and the teacher, behavior that is difficult to communicate to those outside the classroom because words are not enough.

My best weapon? A smirk. How sad is that?

And the teaching? Fallen by the wayside and left behind.


Brenda Youngerman said...

what a defeating feeling... sometimes a smirk and a dirty look go further than kindness!

Ricochet said...

The smirk only works because it conveys "I know something you don't" to someone who thinks and acts as if the world centers around him/her. And that is maddening to that person.

Ron. said...

This former Special Educator hears you, resonates.