Saturday, March 7, 2015

Six Word Saturday

50 years: have not progressed enough.

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A local tv station interviewed John Lewis about Bloody Sunday in a 30 minute special that you can view at the link shown.

We have come a long way in the South in the past 50 years - to the point that it is hard to understand why the politicians didn't stop the police because the world was watching - but we are not yet color blind.

And what is race exactly? If you google "twins black white race" you will find numerous articles like this one about twins born to mixed race parents where one twin appears to be one race and one the other race.

Balance that against this article about bullying against a Sikh student and it feels like we have gone nowhere.

Keep on keeping on and let's fight the good fight.


betty said...

I hope we keep progressing and keep fighting the good fight. A person is so much more than "just" their physical appearance and if one believes in God, they know God looks more at the heart than the physical. I won't be around in 50 years but it will be interesting to see what good progress will hopefully be made in that time.


Gillena Cox said...

have a good Saturday

much love...

Mlissabeth said...

I hope we can keep progressing.

Mlissabeth said...

I hope we can keep progressing.