Sunday, November 2, 2014

Professional Development Guaranteed to Impress

Had another "let us give you tools so you can teach better" session after school Friday.

Friday. That would be Halloween.

You know. Bad traffic. Everyone trying to get home early so you are off the roads before kids on sugar highs hit the streets.

So, the tool they are going to give us comes with power points and a test bank. Since it was a class of all math teachers, naturally they used a social studies section as an example. That would be because we all know how easy it is to teach math without, you know, actually doing the math.

So the example they used was a segment on American History. One that had so many blatant errors it would have been funny if most of could not sit there and calculate in our heads how many cases of paper we could have bought instead of an incorrect product.

You know, paper to replace the books they don't want to buy because the math changes too fast.

Well, not the math but the way they want us to teach it.

But, it's ok, the presenter assured us. (The same presenter who could not answer any of our questions about what the math parts looked like.) Yes, we will be able to go into these power points and make changes.


We don't want it. We have other things that work better. But you want us to use this piece of excrement system - and we can fix it as we go along.

Did I mention that the people who decided to purchase this are certified in social studies.

(I guess they thought the math department was so one dimensional that we wouldn't notice.)

Color me underwhelmed.

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