Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mish Mosh

This is Georgia, so cold here doesn't come close to COLD up north. But, yesterday it was cold enough. A group of birds sitting on an overhead wire did something and blew a transformer, killing most of the birds immediately and damaging the rest enough that they probably died last night.

I have seen a cat around the neighborhood. Actually, there are several but I know where most of them live. Yesterday afternoon I went to the car to go someplace and when I moved the car, the poor cat was dead underneath, frozen. Breaks my heart that she didn't have a home and that I didn't realize it.

I do not look forward to school tomorrow because the kids who have failed and are not continuing won't have been moved and probably won't get moved for a week. They were discipline issues before, which is why they failed. What incentive do they have to behave now?

The principal says we are to grade him on an anonymous survey that he created. Excuse my disbelief. He has been here a year and hasn't initiated a single conversation with me - and has shut down some of my questions as being off topic (they weren't). Why would I believe he cares one iota for what I think? His door may be open but his mind is closed.


Ron. said...

Yeah, our Director is famous for telling us how her door is always open. And it's true...sort of. she leaves it open in case anyone wants to use it for a meeting space while she's away. She's only there maybe 12-15 hours per week. (And it's well- known that her time away is not all meetings & conferences.)

And it's true that we're welcome to come in & talk to her ANYTIME, provided that we're willing to let all conversations be quickly sidetracked to updates on her daughters' recent dance recitals, or the status of her divorce proceedings, or her most recent furniture purchase.

Anonymous survey indeed.

Kate said...

Sorry about the discouraging little deaths from the cold.

My Director, tries. Really, she does. But my Adult Education program is of little interest to her compared to the Childhood Education programs.